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What is E-Commerce?

The term electronic commerce or e-commerce is used to describe doing business over the Internet. Ecommerce has been described as the new economic paradigm. Total e-commerce transactions are expected to reach $8.5 trillion during 2005. A direct, real-time, producer to consumer virtual marketplace will dominate the national and global economies. Hundreds of thousands of new and agile companies will emerge from around the globe. Opportunity for prosperity will abound for those prepared to take advantage of it.

The implications for businesses, both large and small, are clear. Ecommerce means advertising, selling, and supporting products and services using a Web Store around the clock for customers worldwide. The Web Store, or store that works while you sleep, is not geographically or politically restricted. It has global reach.

Get your AIT Web Store working for you today with this easy step-by-step process:


Merchant Commerce and Payment Services (MCPS)- Need a merchant account? MCPS can help you get a merchant account and coordinate the transfer of funds between a customer's bank and your bank when the customer makes a purchase from you. This frees up your time spent on manually reconciling accounts, confirming authorizations, transferring funds etc. Already have a merchant account? Let us save you money by offering you new discount rates for your merchant account.


An MCPS Payment Gateway account provides you with a secure bridge between your E-Commerce Web site and the credit card processing networks. It provides payment processing services using secure, encrypted, real-time credit card transactions over the Internet. Fraud protection is built-in. Our gateway gives you access to a user-friendly, online interface which provides detailed up-to-date reports and will allow you to track, administer, void, and reconcile transactions anytime and from anywhere at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


AIT now offers three versions of the MCART shopping cart. MCART ( free to AIT hosting customers), MCART Pro, and MCART 2005. MCART builds the shopping cart using point & click technology from your AIT control panel, creates product catalogs, organizes the layout of the site, tracks inventory, calculates transactions, creates invoices, generates sales statistics, and much more. Comparable packages cost $100s or even $1000s of dollars for a single store license. Automates your store management so you can manage your business. You can use MCart as a standalone application with your virtual or dedicated server(s), FREE SSL and PGP access included, or as part of AIT's turnkey ecommerce solution. The MCPS transaction gateway, AIT's ecommerce affiliate, can work with most existing web stores and shopping carts. It also works with most merchant accounts provided by the major banks.


Conduct safe e-commerce over the Internet with the most cost effective SSL Certificates you can buy. AIT can provide your company with Secure Certificates (SSL) via AIT's Free Secure Certificate, or your own Secure Certificate through Securelook, VeriSign, Thawte, or StarterSSL. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in security, including the ability to run your own cgi scripts or shopping cart inside your SecureLook® account.


Internet Merchant Account Rates
Application Fee: $100.00
Annual Bank Fee: FREE
$25 Monthly Minimum Fee: $25.00
American Express Set-Up: FREE
Terminal Programming: FREE
Terminal Training & Support: FREE
Discount Rate: as low as 2.38%
Transaction Fee: $0.25
Customer Support and Statement Fee: $10.00

* Gateway Fees are not included in above pricing


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